In September of 2010 after living in Brooklyn, New York for 8 years, it was time to put my hands on and in the earth's soil. For the next 7 months I moved in with two dear friends and as publicist, professional organizer, and farm intern (amongst many other things) became apart of Ocean Air Farms during "The Off-Season".  While living in Fort Dick, a tiny town, 20 minutes outside of Crescent City, situated on the Pacific Northwest's wild coast in California, 2 miles inland from the Tolowa Dunes, I collected a series of photographs that illuminate the sacred and profound methods according to organic and biodynamic farming.

These images speak of the nature and nurture of what goes on at a young and budding farm being run by this generation of farmers. The Slow Food Movement has been noticed in current affairs because we are seeing a generation of farmers that is, not only striving towards sustainability, but also having a conscious awareness that promotes healing and thoughtfulness. No moment went by without a certain type of reciprocity and reverence towards the subject matter.