The Alamedians

Shot by a girl on her bike. After leaving ‘home’ where I lived from 1991-1998 during my junior high and high school years, some 12 years later, this little island has become a muse. Each street echo's many girlhood and high school memories. I decided to hop on a comfy beach cruiser bike, as Alameda is nice and flat and many streets are quiet enough to weave down the middle. I call this collection "The Alamedians" as a cheeky reference to Robert Frank's, The Americans. For me I see these ‘townscapes’ as characters in the play of my home town. The nuances of old cars, overgrown flora, and victorians that look like cakes all conjure up quiet moments of my coming of age and the subtle inspirations that were subconsciously and consciously sinking-in during the 90's. This work was all shot on an iPhone using the ShakeitPhoto app. I have always felt that Polaroids bring that 70's nostalgia feeling of color and time past, which Alameda lends its self well to.