Two lights

We try to shine our shiniest

I attempt to test out different ways to translate the feelings of my feminine spiritual journey deep into the unknown yet very much already decided.

This is the first time I am using color in my photographic works, for the past 10 years I have strictly been a medium format black and white film kind of gal. Mostly because that material allows me to enter a nostalgic and mysterious world… however, since, I have been deepening my practice into a mystical, psychedelic, and compassionate daily practice of using my true medicine to contribute to this lifetime, a world of color has opened up a very cosmic place in my present moments, it's as if, long as I can create enough of an atmospheric illusion of time and space, to get past the earthly boundaries and just float and shine like two lights looking for the other in this already very speakelted, scattered and star dusted galaxy.

Lightwork and Cosmos is a collaborative project between my relationship with the universe and the great divine. Together we have been on a journey venturing into the illusive unknown. Picking up pieces of past lives, dreams, visions, psychedelic adventures into the depths of meditation and all things that are far out. I have seen these places in the dark corners of my illusions and fantastical magic making times. For over 10 years now I have been photographing my close female friends, uses them as muses, surrogates, sisters, sages and dolls. This leap into color, projections and atmospheric machines brings me one step closer to my own truths that collide on spirit street and creative avenue.

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